Star Guideline


Welcome, stars!

In this community, stars can get diamonds from calls, gifts and other functions. We have developed a series of community codes that stipulate the content and behavior that community allows and prohibits.

About Text, images, video clips and calls:

Keep it legal. All contents, including nickname, self introductions, photos and videos must not contain adult content. This includes showing naked, implied or naked descriptions of sexual gestures, or containing too many sexual cues or sexual provocations.


Here are not allowed:

1)Display contents, images and videos of the following


nudity is defined as

Exposed genital organs, except for parental time during childbirth and after childbirth, except for health-recognized surgery, tests for cancer or disease prevention/assessment

Close-up of bare anus or full-naked buttocks, except for public figures and post-image processing

Naked female nipples, but depicting breastfeeding, childbirth, and parenting time after childbirth, related to health (eg, images after mastectomy, elevated breast cancer awareness, or transsexual surgery) or protest marches

Sexual behavior, including

sexual intercourse

Obvious sexual intercourse, defined as: the mouth or genitals enter or touch another person's genitals or anus, at least one of whom has a genital genitalia

Concealed sexual intercourse is defined as the mouth or genitals entering or touching another person's genitals or anus, even if such contact is not directly visible. But sexual health education, advertising, and well-known fictional images or images with fictitious signs are excluded.

Concealed genital/anal stimulation, defined as: stimulating the genitals/anus or inserting objects into the genitals/anus, even if such behavior is not directly visible. But sexual health education, advertising, and well-known fictional images or images with fictitious signs are excluded.

Other sexual behaviors, including but not limited to


Body fluid produced by sexual behavior

Stimulate the genitals or anus, whether exposed or wearing clothing

Use sex toys, whether exposed or wearing clothing

Stimulating bare human nipples

Squeeze the female chest, except in cases of breastfeeding

Sexual behaviors involving the following

Behavior that may result in death of a person or animal

Dismemberment, cannibal

Feces, urine, sputum, snot, menstrual blood or vomit

Digital content that meets our definition of sexual behavior, unless the following conditions are met

Content related to sexual behavior (sexual or other sexual behavior) that cannot be directly seen

Content is published for the purpose of irony or humor

Content is published for educational or scientific purposes

The image is not so detailed, only the figure or outline is shown


2)Try to match or recruit adult sexual activity, including but not limited to:

Sexual behavior image

Pornography, striptease performances, live sex performances, erotic dances

Sex, porn or tantra massage

The explicit content of sexual attraction, including but not limited to providing or requesting the following items:

Sex service or sexual partner

Sex chat or conversation

Nude picture

Concealed content involving sexual seduction, the way to identify is to mention some action or other sexually suggestive content during sexual intercourse, such as any of the following:

Vague suggestive expressions, such as "looking forward to the beauty of tonight"

Erotic jargon

Sexual cues, such as mentioning sexual roles, postures, fetish plots, sexual orientation/sexual orientation, sexual excitement, sexual intercourse or sexual behavior (vaginal or masturbation), common sexual sites (eg breasts, groin, Hygienic condition of the buttocks, genitals or buttocks

Depicting explicit sexual activity or sexually suggestive gestures (hand drawn content, digital content, or physical artwork)

Provide or request content for other adult activities:

Commercial pornography

a partner who meets fetishism or sexual interests

An explicit language that contains a detailed description and not only the names or behaviors of the following facts:

Sexual excitement (wet or erect)

Sexual intercourse (vaginal sex, masturbation or fetish plot)


Nudity or sexually suggestive content involving minors (people under the age of 18)

Never post or send any nude or sexual content involving people under the age of 18 -- even yourself.

This includes adding drawings or captions to a Clip to make it sexual -- even as a joke.





Never threaten to harm a person, group of people, or their property.


Harassment, bullying, or spamming

This one should be simple: Do not bother or make other people feel bad on purpose.

If someone blocks you, it’s not okay to contact them from another account.



Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not—including celebrities, brands, or other organizations.If you violate these rules, we may remove the offending content or terminate your account. If your account is terminated, you won’t be allowed to use app again.


About awards and the punishment of violating the rules

stars can earn diamonds in community

1) More calls more diamonds: Pay attention to your notification, which reminds you of the incoming call.

2) Actively send messages to users and rely messages


Any action of violating the rules, your account could be turned off for several days until the photos and videos are deleted or changed. The account could be Permanently closed if it is serious and diamonds will be fined.


Please take these rules seriously and honor them in the spirit in which they are intended. The rules will change and evolve along with community. We will do our best to enforce them consistently and fairly, and ultimately we’ll try to do what we think is best in each situation, at our own discretion.