Glad to meet you as star agent. When you have more than 20 girls, then apply to be an agent. The cooperation is as followed:

1.How to be Star?

1) Apply in app, and wait for the approval. Upload a sexy and charming avator and video cover with face. (If failed, this means your avator or video cover is not suitable, upload other avator or video cover again).

2.How to start work?

1) Admin will call stars in app to make sure they turn on the notification/ mic/camera/network and performance

2) Admin will reply to agent, which girls are suitable to start work and which not. And also havesuggestion for girls.

3.Responsibility of agent:

1) write girls' ID directly to assistant (Whatsapp: 63-9054290239) in this format "5025XXXX,5018XXXX,5030XXXX" (any wrong format cannot add girls). And do remember to add girls only once a week in case some girls are missed if added one by one every day (Girls can start working any time after being a Star, which is not related to whether added to assistant).

2) teach stars to how to play this app and help them to get more diamonds

3) deep close to admin to get more qualified stars and remove unqualified stars

4) assistant will tell every agent the agent team name and your unique agent web. Do tell your girls team name, which is a sign that you are a group. Agent web is for you to manage girls and check payment details.

4.Responsibility of admin

1) interview of stars

2) daily report to agent about stars including their datas and improvement

3) admin has the right to remove stars and add stars according to the performance of stars


1)100diamonds=0.115 usd. 10000diamonds=11.5usd. No grade.

2)*New call: 1 min/per call, worthy of 100 diamonds= 0.115 usd. New call is a good way to meet more users. Make it longer, you can get more diamonds.
*Match call: 1 min/per call, worthy of 100 diamonds=0.115usd. Match call is a good way to meet more users. Make it longer, you can get more diamonds.
*Second call(with yellow diamonds icon): 2 mins/per call at least, worthy of 0.345--2.3 usd. Make it longer, you will get more diamonds and more calls.
*Private videos: If one private video is viewed, you can get 100 diamonds=0.115 usd.
Better performance, higher price, more diamonds you get, more calls you get.

3) stars can not withdraw themselves in app

4) salary of stars will be transferred to agent totally

5) SUGGEST agent give 90-50% of salary to stars to help good stars continue work
E.g. Alice is a star from agent, she gets 100 usd, suggest agent gives 90-50 usd to Alice.

6.Payment way: Paypal, Payoneer

(1)You don’t need to withdraw by yourself. Earnings of this month will be paid in the next month 15th or 30th automatically. You will see 1 or 2 payment invoices in the first 3 days of the next month in your agent web. Payment amount is not fixed in every invoice, but the amount sum will be your team earnings of this month after being deducted by commission fee. Withdrawal commission fee is 1%.

E.g. Your team earns 869560 diamonds = $1000 in JAN. You will get 1000*99%=$990.

Invoice 1 (Orederno:CASH-XX-XXXXX) $297 paid on 15th FEB

Invoice 2 (Orederno:CASH-XX-XXXXX) $693 paid on 30th FEB

(2) the whole team withdraws together. The minimum withdrawal amount for agent team is $250, except those who are less than 6000 diamonds. If less than $250, money will be calculated into next month, until the amount reaches $250.

(3) only girls who have more than 6000 diamonds can withdraw. Less than 6000 diamonds cannot be acculated into the total salary.

(4) After payment invoices is created at the beginning of every month, you could check in your agent web, please fill in payment method before 15th every month in your agent web to make sure you can receive money.

*Every time you withdraw, assisant will tell you the "orderno" of every payment. If you want to check the payment, send assistant the "orderno". No orderno cannot check the payment.

7.Percentage of stars vs agent

1) __% of stars

2) __% of agent

Our assistant will randomly call stars using new account to test whether stars behave well, if the star let the phone face the ceiling (black screen we would check whether it is the internet problem) or no person in the screen, she will be blocked and won't get any money.