A new gameplay to get more rewards
In the 4th Bounty Campaign, Soco SNP launches a new gameplay to exploit your social network:
****GET DOUBLE REWARDS BY GROUP (Three to Go; 32Go)****

    √ What is Three to Go (32Go)

  1. Complete missions with other 2 new friends in a small tele group. It is a necessity that each member complete missions.
  2. Get 💍 in the small group and exchange 💍 in Soco official group into double 👍 .

    √ How to play Three to Go (32Go)

  1. Invite 2 friends to creat a 3-players tele group, and add admin @lucas223s.
  2. Each member sends the scrrenshot of own bouty homepage containing ID.
  3. Each member sends the screenshot of the mission to get 💍 in small group.
  4. Send the screenshot of 💍 to exchange double 👍 in the official group.
  5. Notice: you can create as many small groups as possible, but one group only 2 new friends.

    √ Detailed rules as follows

  1. Set up a small group, invite 2 of your new friends and Soco admin @lucas223s.
    * Here are detailed instructions to help you set up a new group: LINK
  2. Each member provides your own bounty homepage screenshot: showing your EMAIL ID (roll the screen to find the EMAIL at the top of the page). Then admin will check the effectiveness of your account.
  3. Then start to do missions: send the screenshot of the mission (repost, like or response) into the small group.
  4. After all of you three have completed the mission, one member @lucas223s and admin will check the effectiveness of your missions. Then admin will give 💍 to each of you.
  5. Each member sends the screenshot of 💍 with the group name into official group: to exchange double 👍. E.g. 32Go: Sunday Win

    √ NOTICE

    *You can create as many new groups as possible at anytime (but one group only 3 friends with admin) and the admin will check the effectiveness of the group (You should invite different friends into groups). If it is invalid, admin will leave the small gourp.

    *Either choose 12Go or 32Go. If you do the mission in both ways, and once found, admin will leave the small group and you will be put into the Blacklist. That means you will not have chance to win double Soco anymore.